5 Ways to change how you see yourself in 2016


Girls and Women alike find what is beautiful inside magazines, the internet and on the television screen. This is what influences our wardrobes. Our minds take these images and create what we believe men want on their arm.  To love who you are you must find your own style within you. What makes each person beautiful is when they feel beautiful.

“Once you start impressing yourself you will impress the world.” – Casey King

Our day to day lives can be brutal. Have a point of view and be creative don’t continue the ‘cookie cutter’ look you have carried for the past years. 2016 is your year to feel beautiful and to achieve this doesn’t take a lot of money the smallest things can transform you. Adding mascara, a touch of blush to your face or wearing a scarf to add a splash of color to your outfit can make you feel beautiful.

  1. Smile at everyone.
  2. Dress up when others are dressing casual.
  3. Don’t compare yourself to others, be your own vision of beauty.
  4. Stop trying to improve yourself you are perfect. Work on developing your perfection to bring it to the next level.
  5. Step out of your comfort zone by trying something new.

My motto has always been “Fake it till you make it”. You will be amazed on how quickly the thoughts you have of yourself will change if you fake it. Before you know it you will not be faking it, you will be living confidently.

Flaunt your personality each and every day. Share what makes you feel beautiful in the comments below.


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